New Mazda CX-70 Crossover SUV Revealed

Overseas model and accessories displayed throughout this article

Mazda today announced the third member in its sophisticated Large Product Group, the new CX-70 – a dynamic crossover SUV expertly blending driving pleasure and performance with ample cargo space, exceptional usability and a sporty design that embraces and expresses the active lifestyles of its customers.

The wide body two-row SUV will make its debut in Australia with the widely acclaimed 3.3-litre turbocharged e-Skyactiv inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, both incorporating 48V mild hybrid technology. Already available in the CX-90, these powertrains take advantage of a Mazda-developed eight-speed transmission and the surety and involvement of rear-biased all-wheel drive.

This ‘multi-solution’ approach of combining and optimising a higher-output engine with electric drive delivers enhanced performance and efficiency, contributes to the signature Mazda feeling of Jinba Ittai, and is commensurate with the “Passion Pursuer” concept at the heart of the vehicle’s development.

Commenting on the introduction of this key model, Vinesh Bhindi, Managing Director of Mazda Australia, said: “As we continue to advance our product range with a host of cutting-edge products, the Mazda CX-70 represents yet another milestone for our brand – offering the hallmarks of the now well-established Mazda Premium philosophy that shines brightly in the CX-60 and CX-90, but with a distinct focus on pursuing an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

“The CX-70 is a unique expression of our customers’ interests and stands out on its own as a highly compelling option, facilitating new life experiences and rewarding those wanting to experience the joy of driving. It also offers a wider breadth of choice within our Large Product range, skilfully meeting the diverse needs of our market.”

Following Mazda's signature ‘Kodo – Soul of Motion’ design theme, the exterior adopts a powerful bumper shape and striking black accents. Burgundy interior highlights unique to the CX-70 also give a new expression to the exceptional craftsmanship already witnessed in the CX-60 and CX-90.  

The CX-70 also excels in usability and versatility thanks to commodious luggage space and a new electric remote fold function which allows the second-row seats to be easily folded down from the tailgate side with a switch in the boot.

This creates a flat floor which extends to the rear hatch. There are also three underfloor storage compartments for personal items and other gear. This personalised space is an enhancement on the CX-70, enabling customers to easily organise their active lifestyle.

In order to provide a safe and secure driving environment, the new Mazda CX-70 integrates Cruising and Traffic Support (CTS) Unresponsive Driver Support*. In addition to monitoring uncontrolled driving, CTS Unresponsive Driver Support alerts the driver in stages if it detects closed eyes or distraction, and if the driver is still not confirmed to be engaged, the system will slow the vehicle down and stop where necessary to reduce damage in the event of an accident.

Based on Mazda's MAZDA CO-PILOT CONCEPT, a unique concept of advanced driver assistance technology that puts human at the centre (human centricity), Mazda will contribute to a society where everyone can move safely, securely, and freely through technology that monitors the mind and body.

Other features include a trailer hitch view that assists connection to a trailer and a 2,500kg towing capacity, to support active lifestyles.

Mazda will continue to pursue the 'Joy of Driving' under its core value of being 'Human Centric,' and aims to deliver 'Joy of Living' by creating moving experiences in customers' daily lives.